Seventy Thousand Camels A Motivational Survivor’s Memoir

“We have much to learn from Angelica Brewer’s life story. An imprisoned soul finds freedom. Love sustains. Care redeems. It’s a big story and a big comfort. We learn about survival and spirit in a compelling book.” ~ Peter Goers OAM, The Evening Show, ABC Radio (Adelaide)

“An excellent book, so gripping. Amazing how the author came out the other side at the end. It’s good to read a book so similar to your self/life. Loved it. Best autobiography I’ve ever read.”
~ Gemma Morrissey

At age 16, Angelica ran away from her new home in Australia and a narcissistic mother, living for a time in a youth refuge and on the street. Angelica thought she had found love when in fact she lost more of herself through this encounter. She finally settled for a more tempestuous marriage to Rhys that lasted far too long, producing three children including a son living with Autism.

Newly divorced and still lost, Angelica embarked on a series of internet dating relationships that took away more of her soul. She then discovered a degree of solace and introspection as a Juvenile Justice Officer working with detainees aged 10 to 21.

Reaching further crossroads in her life, Angelica swapped juvenile prison for its adult counterpart. Moving state, she met “Brew”, a fellow correctional officer who would change her life forever. But despite his unfailing love and support, she entered a downward spiral into depression and suicidal ideation.

Now recovered, Angelica takes stock of her life and all she learned from her journey so far.

“This book is certainly a story of an incredible journey by a woman who overcame so many challenges in her life which gave her the strength to reach the point of where her life is today. It was inspiring and reminds us that we can overcome situations if we have the determination too.” ~ Sue White

About the Author:
Angelica A. Brewer was born in Rome and emigrated to Australia when she was ten years old.

After realising singing and drawing were not what made her heart truly sing, although she had a talent for both, the writer in her emerged with a vengeance. She fell head over heels in love with her adopted language, and now considers English the most profound way to express oneself, communicate with others, and deliver prose of all genre.

She now lives in Adelaide with her husband. Seventy Thousand Camels is her first book.

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