Sugar & Spice The Army Cadets

Not every girl is made of all things nice…

Declin Riley is 19 and a computer controller at the Caster Sugar Mill in Far North Queensland. But in his first weeks on the job he is witness to the murder of a fellow co-worker.

For reasons unknown, some of the mill workers are desperate to sabotage the crush and cause it to go bankrupt. Threatening him with his life, they force Declin to go along with their devious plans.

To make matters worse, Declin is caught up in a love triangle with the boss’s young daughter, Carol, and CSM Graham Kirk.

Declin and Graham are led into conflict, temptation and extreme danger. Both are severely tested both in body and spirit as evil forces lead them into a desperate crisis.

A romantic adventure story in the tradition of C.R. Cummings Cadet Series.

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