The Cadet Sergeant Major The Army Cadets

Fraternisation is strictly forbidden by the Cadet Policy Manual. As the Company Sergeant Major, one of Cadet Warrant Officer Class 2 Graham Kirk’s main duties is discipline – especially fraternisation.

While he knows the real supervision is the responsibility of the adult Officers of Cadets, he also has a key role to play. And the cadet sergeants are the people he must depend on.

The problem is: can he trust them?

In the savannah country of North Queensland, Graham and his friends have their character, conscience, and friendship tested by temptation, deceit, jealousy, rivalry, bullying, and lust. They must learn to cope with the unexpected problems that beset them.

Because of the nature of teenage relationships and dialogue, this story contains some sexual references and coarse language. It is written for young adults and is not suitable for primary school children.

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