The Flea Circus How to Break Bad Habits and Live Effectively

Science-based Effectiveness Strategies to Succeed & Prosper

Do you feel as if time is slipping you by? Are you trapped in recurring cycles of mediocrity and bad habits? Do you want more out of life?

Don’t worry, everybody has bad habits that prevent them from getting ahead! This guidebook will help you understand why bad habits happen, what you can do to break the cycle of self-limiting behaviours, and how to finally liberate yourself from negative thinking.

This book will help you to:

  • Feel more capable and more confident
  • Escape The Flea Circus and transform your life
  • Identify and overcome negative thoughts
  • Eliminate ineffective habits and increase happiness

PLUS develop a long-term strategy for success and prosperity.

With over two decades of experience as a doctor, mentor, and author, Dr. Scott Zarcinas has helped thousands of people get unstuck and back on track. Scott’s experiences, tips, and strategies will help you find direction, maximise your potential, and create the life you deserve.

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