The Hunger to Grow

Are you hungry to grow in a new direction that you would love to go?  You are not alone. The Hunger to Grow dismisses the idea that we grow only through our work and our working years.  It’s time to retire the word “retired”. Now it’s, “What’s for dessert?  I’m still hungry!”

Our dessert years begin when we start thinking about what we want in the second half of our lives. What we used to call a midlife crisis is just the realisation that we want to turn the rest of our lives into the ‘yummy years’, to allow our true passions to flow in search of new possibilities, new directions and new challenges.

Now in his seventies, Peter Nicholls, Australia’s People Gardener, is living proof of this book’s powerful message. The Hunger to Grow will guide you through the transition from doing what you have to do to doing what you love to do. It will put you in the driver’s seat of your future, empowering you to travel along the road of life your heart wants you to take.

The Hunger to Grow is the book of your future.

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