The No Recipe Cookbook

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Change your cooking, change your life!


Learning to cook without a recipe can take the stress out of meal planning and cooking.

If you’re someone who enjoys browsing the cooking section of your local bookshop, looking for new inspiration, glossy pictures and recipes… put this book down immediately! It’s not for you.

But if you

  • can’t cook
  • don’t enjoy cooking
  • are too busy to cook
  • have never prepared a meal
  • would like to save money
  • would like to lose weight by eating out less often, or
  • just want to be more efficient in the kitchen

Then this book is the answer to all your mealtime prayers.


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Foreword by Australian of the Year 2020
Dr James Muecke


In my medical career, I’ve seen so many people who simply lack the tools they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. This book will give you some of these tools.

If you don’t know how to cook or just want to limit the amount of unhealthy takeaway food you eat, The No Recipe Cookbook could be the help you need to change your life. Dr Pillay’s simple, straightforward method is easy to follow and will have you eager to get into the kitchen and start experimenting. Most of her meal ideas really are faster than ordering a takeaway and they’re definitely healthier.

If this book can help even a handful of people to start cooking for themselves, it will be a step in the right direction. Let’s all get into the kitchen and start taking back control over what we eat.

Your health is in your hands.

Dr James Muecke AM MBBS (Hons) FRANZCO
Australian of the Year 2020
Chairman Sight For All

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