The Bestseller’s Toolkit Online Course

The Bestseller's Toolkit

Download your Free Bestseller’s Toolkit to manage and complete the 5 essential ‘Must Do’ items of producing your bestseller – Planning, Writing, Marketing, Author Profiling, and Pitching:

  • Plan and write your book – WHAT you want your message or story to be
  • Identify WHO your book is for – your ideal market (aka your Avatar) and publisher
  • Determine HOW your author profile is developed – your selling platform
  • Create the perfect pitch for your identified market or publisher

PLUS over 10 external links to valuable resources:

  • KEYWORD identification
  • MANUSCRIPT assessment
  • AVATAR research
  • HOW TO PITCH tools
  • PUBLISHER cover letters and worksheets
  • And more…

This toolkit has everything you’ll need to write, market and sell your BESTSELLER.

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