36 Strategies - Art of War

36 Chinese Strategies Workshop (Negotiation) | Adelaide Event | Oct 20, 2021

Date And Time

Wed., 20 October 2021

8:30 am – 4:00 pm ACDT

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Education Development Centre, 4 Milner Street, Hindmarsh, SA 5007

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About this Event:

The 36 Chinese Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu’s – The Art of War) are described as the keys to understanding Chinese business culture. Most Chinese people know and unconsciously use these strategies to negotiate and communicate in their daily life. The 36 Chinese Strategies are based on ancient Chinese wisdom, and are known to be some of the most effective Negotiating Strategies in the world that can be used in any business environment.

The 36 Chinese Strategies can be successfully used by ANY business person in ANY business environment.

Workshop Content

  • A structure that has been used for thousands of years which can be applied for negotiating in any business environment in the modern business world.
  • Learn how to recognise, respond, and use the 36 Chinese Strategies when dealing with Chinese business people.
  • Understand when ‘yes’ means ‘no’, how to develop ‘guanxi’ and the importance of ‘face’ in Chinese culture.
  • Each strategy will be unpacked in detail and explained through case studies.
  • Participants will practice using each of the 36 Chinese Strategies to learn how to think differently about sales, winning deals, and leadership.

Who will benefit

This workshop will be excellent for anyone who want to learn how the ancients 36 Chinese Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu’s -The Art of War) can be successfully used in any business environment in the modern business world.


About Leonie McKeon

Leonie McKeon is an International Author, Workshop Presenter, Business Consultant and Keynote Speaker who presents on Ancient Chinese Negotiating Strategies known as the 36 Chinese Strategies Derived from Sun Tzu’s – The Art of War). Leonie uses he unique knowledge of Chinese business negotiating strategies to help businesspeople understand the critical underpinnings driving Chinese people’s negotiating behaviour. Leonie’s clients learn how to use the 36 Chinese Strategies to achieve the best possible outcome when negotiating in any business environment. For more about Leonie visit: www.leoniemckeon.com

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