Do You Do Audio?

Do You Do Audio? Why Writers Need to Repackage Content To Reach More Readers

Do you do audio?

Do you listen to audiobooks?

I do, especially non-fiction self-help audiobooks. I love them. Mowing the lawn, doing chores, driving through the city on the way to meetings, it’s great to plug in the iPod or slot in a CD and listen to an audiobook.

As writers, it’s important to consider how your readers want to consume your novel or book. In today’s society, a lot of people simply don’t have the time to sit down and read. Maybe the only time is when they’re on vacation.

This is why audiobooks are great. People can generally find time to listen to something on their iPod, car stereo, or CD player. Why not listen to an audiobook on the commute to work, or working out at the gym? It’s a great opportunity for writers to present their work to an eager audience who don’t want to listen to music or the inane chatter of drive-time DJs on the radio.

RePackage to Reach More Readers

And the great thing is, you’ve already got the material—your book. One of our authors at DoctorZed Publishing, Peter Nicholls, released his audiobook, The Hunger to Grow (which you can have a look at here on Amazon), which he narrated himself with the help of a producer in a recording studio.

This brings me to the issue of repackaging your content. We’re familiar with repackaging our book into hardcover, softcover, ebook, and even large print, but how often are audiobooks considered?

Perhaps they are, but immediate obstacles are faced, like who will narrate the book? Who will produce the audiobook? How much will it cost?

These are legitimate concerns. If, like Peter, you’re confident of narrating the book into audio format, then all you need is a professional producer to record and edit the audio file in a recording studio. A fair rate for an average size book is about A$1500 for a completed audiobook.

If, however, you’d prefer a professional actor/actress to narrate your book, the price is roughly comparable at around US$900-1000  for the finished product.

The good news is this is the total cost of production. That’s it. Uploading the audio files to Amazon, iTunes and Audible, or even just offering it as a download from your own website, there’s nothing more to pay. The audiobook can be distributed around the world to your readers at no extra cost (*only the cost of commission from the retailers, which only occurs once a sale is made).

So, whether or not you listen to audiobooks yourself, as a writer it’s a great and affordable way to reach new and interested readers.

Or should I say, listeners?

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*This article first appeared on and is re-published with permission.

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