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The digital revolution has brought new and exciting opportunities for publishers and authors.

Digital printing, for instance, has transformed the way books are published, printed, marketed and sold online. It has brought the costs of printing significantly down and created a whole new industry of independent and self-publishing.

eBooks too have revolutionized the way customers and readers consume content. The rise of Amazon has been due in part to the success of its Kindle eBook reader device, offering affordably-priced titles for immediate consumption.

As a writer, we understand that your experience lies with creative writing and not necessarily with developing digital products.

We would therefore be delighted to offer you our self-publishing services for your print book and eBook, which also includes our worldwide distribution service to all online print book and eBook retailers.

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Our dedicated team of editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and typesetters is ready to help you create a great quality book, which will include:

-> Editing your manuscript so that it is professionally written

-> Professionally designed cover, because we all know how readers will judge your book

-> Layout of your book using InDesign, the gold standard software for the publishing industry

-> Proofreading to dot the i's and cross the t's, because there's nothing worse than a book riddled with typos

-> Saving you time, effort and the hassle of doing it yourself (and getting it all wrong)!

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Why Choose DoctorZed Publishing?

We are a friendly and experienced team having been involved with the publication of over 500 print books, eBooks and audiobooks and are in our 15th year of business.

DoctorZed Publishing (est. 2006) was Australia’s first dedicated eBook publisher. We began with just 1 title—Samantha Honeycomb by Scott Zarcinas—and have grown our list to 300+ titles (now including print books and audiobooks).

A lot of things have changed since those humble beginnings, but one thing hasn’t: we have always been at the vanguard of digital publishing. No other publisher is as experienced, nor existed as long as us, in digital publishing.

But we don’t rest on our laurels. Our team is always keeping up to date with the latest in digital publishing trends so we can implement them in our projects.

We therefore promise to give the highest level of technical service and to go above and beyond in all we do for our clients.

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