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The Solution to Getting Your Book Published

There’s Always an Opportunity for Authors Who Know How Publishers Think

So you’ve spent the last 6-12 months, or longer, pitching to publishers and agents without any luck. Worse, you haven’t even received a reply from any of them.

Or they say they aren’t taking unsolicited submissions at the moment, that they’ll only consider submissions from literary agents. But there’s only one problem: you don’t have an agent.

So the wait to get a publisher interested in your book goes on and on… and on and on.

The problem isn’t your book. It isn’t even you, the author. The problem is that authors, although fantastic at writing, are less than average at marketing themselves and their book.

The reason for this is that 99% of writers don't understand the language of publishing, which is ROI (i.e. book marketing and sales).

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How to Pitch iCourse information

How Much Would It Mean If You Got Published?

Learn all the requirements of a successful manuscript submission.

But do you know what publishers look for?

It's All Covered In the How To Pitch iCourse...
-> Present your book's unique angle
-> Analyse the current readership trends
-> Build and promote your selling platform
-> Market the book when it's published
-> Why you're the best person to write this book
-> Research the right publisher for your book
-> Identify your competition
-> And lots more...

"The How To Pitch iCourse gave me the exact details of what elements to include in my cover letter, how to create a great synopsis and lots more! The course saved me time and gave me clear guidance for each step. I was able to construct a professional pitch ready to tailor to any publisher's wishes." ~ Karina Chapman, author of Hair Secrets

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Pitch Perfect

What is a Publisher Pitch?

A publisher pitch is a concise proposal that provides essential information about an author and their manuscript. It’s also:
• A powerful marketing tool to generate interest from a publisher in an author and their manuscript
• A targeted review that captures the unique selling points of an author and their manuscript in a succinct and influential manner
• Catchy, to the point, relevant, enticing, and a good reflection of the author’s professionalism

What’s in a Publisher Pitch?

Our How to Pitch iCourse includes:
• Presenting your book's unique angle
• Analysis of the current readership trends
• Building and promoting your selling platform
• Marketing the book when it's published
• Why you're the best person to write this book
• Researching the right publisher for your book
• Identifying your competition

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